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Men, Need Proposal Ideas?



3 Easy Steps to the Perfect Proposal

You have found The One and The Ring. I presume you put some serious effort forth in finding or creating her perfect ring. I suggest putting the same gusto into planning your proposal and making it a magical experience for you both.

Follow these 3 easy steps that will blow her away and whisk her away into your future together.

Step 1 - Who is she?

This is The Key. Think about who she is and what she loves. Below are a few ideas... but make this perfectly special for Your Sweetheart by tailoring the experience to who she is as a person. This will speak directly to her heart and express how much you love and appreciate who she is on the inside. This crucial step will create the perfect proposal, and the perfect beginning to your journey together.

So who is she?

Idea ONE

She loves poetry. Have her closest friends and family each write a poem about her. Gather everyone together and have them read their sentiments aloud to her. After everyone else, read her a poem you have written, perhaps ending in "Will you marry me?" Of course, have a photographer ready to capture the once in a lifetime occasion.

Idea TWO

She loves art. Take her to an art gallery she has talked about visiting. Coordinate with those in charge for a private tour and curation. At the last viewing area, have a picture printed and hung of the two of you together, or perhaps a painting that reads "Will you marry me?" If it's possible to get even more elaborate, have flowers and candles in the room. Have a photographer near by to capture the moment.

Step 2 - Plan It Out

Gentlemen, some of you are great planners. Others of you may need to enlist help. Ask appropriate family or friends, particularly the ones that are good planners. Think through the scenario thoroughly. Make a timeline and step by step planning guide of everything that needs to be done. Delegate what you can and then start checking off the list. With each step you plan, keep the goal in mind... "How is this going to make her feel?"

Step 3 - Enjoy It

A well planned proposal will go smoothly. Now comes the easy part. Ask the love of your life to be your wife. Having put serious thought into your proposal will make Your Love feel like she is the most treasured woman in the whole world...

Now It's Your Turn

She loves ... fill in the blank. Think of what Your Love loves. Think of her passions. If you know what she loves, but are having trouble coming up with ideas, feel free to reach out. Shoot me an email or give me a call. I'd love to help you come up with the perfect idea.

If you want a completely stress free proposal experience, my dear friend Tammy is your girl. She is a Proposal Coordinator, meaning she handles EVERYTHING! Contact her at

What is YOUR idea of a perfect proposal? Let's help these guys out! Comment and tell us!

Do you have an amazing proposal experience to share? I'd love to feature your story on my blog. Please contact me at Send me your story and your pictures!

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