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I've had mixed feelings about sharing that I will be donating a portion of proceeds from my etsy shop, AFacetAffair, to help a soldier or military family. Someone once told me true giving is doing so when no one sees what you are doing. That has stuck with me. I decided to share, however, as it is really YOU helping, not me. And I really wanted to share in this experience with you all.

I was recently discussing all of this with a close friend. She asked me where the donations would be going. It has taken me awhile to decide, as there are a handful of wonderful military charities doing great work. However, I've decided to donate directly to families. I feel it is more personal. These will be families that I hear of that are deserving of a little something special.

It's with a very heavy heart that I share that current sales will benefit a wife & four kids who just lot their husband & daddy in February. Whether it's a small amount or a big amount, it will send the message that we are thinking of them and they are on our minds and hearts.

And please let me know any families you know of that we can do a little something for.

"We can't help everyone, but we can help one."

THANK YOU all so much for your support! 💙

With gratitude,


Your sacrifice will never be forgotten💙

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